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Highlander The Amateur 1 , 2 , 3 were originally put individually on a DVD and VHS tapes.
(Both DVD and VHS did include a Blooper Reel)
All copies are SOLD OUT and are currently Unavailable.

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Highlander is a copyright Davis/Panzer Pro. Official Site Here This fan movie is based on the writing and the role playing of the Highlander Character named Matthew MacLeod created by Matthew Allen. All Rights Are Reserved. For more information check out my Personal website. Click Here

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Highlander The Amateur
Matthew Allen , Sorah Stein , Larry Clabaugh
Approx Running Time 80 mins
All Rights Resevered 2003

Highlander The Amateur 2
Matthew Allen , Briana Poston , Chris Brown
Approx Running Time 60 mins
All Rights Resevered 2005

Highlander The Amateur 3
Matthew Allen , Laura Ervin , Larry Clabaugh
Approx Running Time 60 mins
All Rights Resevered 2007

This film was made for fun and enjoyment. Not to mention simply being a fan. Copying, Editing, Distributing or any other unlawful viewing of this movie is strictly prohibited without prior written permission and notification. All Rights Are Reserved For more information reguarding this movie contact Matthew Allen