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Highlander The Amateur

Immortals.. and Watchers.. Both different in what
they do, but linked together in ways. One is in the
never ending game for their life in which There Can
Be Only One. The other is only suppose to observe
it and record it all. For one Immortal getting away
from things is not something easily done. For one
Watcher doing their job is not as easy as they think
either. What happens when they are put in a situation
that demands they work together. Sometimes you find
things that are hard to come by even in multiple

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Highlander The Amateur
Matthew Allen , Sorah Stein , Larry Clabaugh
Approx Running Time 80 mins
All Rights Reserved 2003

These films were made for fun and enjoyment. Not to mention simply being a fan. Copying, Editing, Distributing or any other unlawful viewing of these movies or use of its pictures is strictly prohibited without prior written permission and notification. All Rights Are Reserved For more information reguarding this movie contact Matthew Allen